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Our suppliers have counted on us for years to connect their brands to consumers. Grateful Treasures is a professional sales outlet for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. We turn inventories, liquidations, overstocks, and closeouts into CASH.

01. Strategic

Inventory ships to our Waltham, Massachusettes location where we sell it to various e-commerce channels and to secondary markets, discount and surplus stores or channels – far away from your everyday distribution channels. Grateful Treasures can help you with overstocks, closeouts, or obsolete inventory.

02. Professional

Grateful Treasures has the experience and ability to quickly asses your inventory, determine suitable secondary outlets, purchase it and then sell items in alternate markets far from your current distribution channels. Our attitude, experience, integrity and professionalism combine to make a valuable resource your business can count on.

03. Loyal

Our policy is to develop trust with your company and create smooth transactions, so you can have your merchandise shipped promptly with immediate payment.


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